Friday, June 14, 2013

"My Internet Isn't Working"

Plugging in...

Or so the Tutor's client thought. Opening the Internet Explorer produced an error message, can't view page, something most users have seen from time to time. The client was attempting to open Windows Live Mail to check email. It was set as the homepage and had been working just fine. The key to the problem came from the client: "I found a way around the error and could get to the email". That was telltale: it can't be an Internet problem if one can "find a way around" and get to any other web address.

Two things occurred to create this perfect email storm.

The first: Microsoft has migrated their hotmail and Windows Live Mail accounts to Which led directly to the second thing: the web address for the mail had changed, but Internet Explorer didn't know that. Upon opening the Internet Explorer the error message flummoxed the user and an assumption was made that the Internet wasn't working. The problem was the homepage address set in Internet Explorer no longer worked, because MICROSOFT had changed the address to get to the mail. Kind of like when you move: this was an electronic return to sender, address unknown message.

So, when you open your browser to go onto the Internet, and the page you normally see does not display, do not panic. Go to ANY OTHER favorite or web address to see if it will display. If you are successful, the problem is the HOMEPAGE doesn't work, but the Internet is fine. In addition, if you have more than one browser on the computer (Chrome, Firefox), open it to see if you can go "online". If none of these works, still don't panic, call the Computor Tutor!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: before calling for help - is it plugged in, can you go to other web pages, and is it turned on?