Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pop Up Scams on Apple devices

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Fellow Mac users, you know who you are, the ones who live with the belief that their computers are immune from viruses, malware and pop-ups, the scammers are back! Apple computers, iPhones and iPads are all susceptible to the scamming pop-up.

Apple has posted a lengthy but thorough discussion including various solutions should the Mac user fall prey to the scamming pop-up:

Don't call them, don't click, what you are reading and seeing is totally FALSE; they are very good at what they do, and everything appears legitimate. Trust yourself. Don't go there.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: before calling for help - is it plugged in, is it a SCAM, and is it turned on? 


Friday, May 13, 2016

Carbonite's Polka Dots

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Carbonite users are familiar with the yellow (looks more like amber) and green dots that the online backup service places on each file and/or folder that is part of the backup service, right? They look like mini polka dots, top left corner of the file or folders icons. The yellow dots indicate "pending backup" while the green dots indicate "backed up".

Sometimes the folder icon remains yellow, even though ALL the files inside the folder have the green dot. This looks perplexing to the user, who may erroneously think Carbonite isn't doing what it is supposed to.

It seems Carbonite sometimes has a REFRESH problem with folder dots. Meaning the dots remain yellow, indicating pending, even though ALL files in the folder are green. The resolution, direct from Carbonite's tech support gurus: right click on the folder with the erroneous yellow dot and click "do not back this up". Immediately right click again and choose "back this up". Then... press the F5 function key on the keyboard. Theses two actions nudge Carbonite to correct the erroneous yellow dot status, and it changes to green. 

ALWAYS REMEMBER: before calling for help - is it plugged in, and is it turned on? 


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

OneDrive Becomes Half a Drive...

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Changes to OneDrive, right from horse's mouth (Microsoft):

On 7/13/2016, the amount of storage that comes with OneDrive will change from 15 GB to 5 GB. We are also discontinuing the 15 GB camera roll bonus. You can learn more at our FAQ.

There is no action you need to take, if your OneDrive account is currently below the new storage limits. If you'd like to check your account, you can visit the Storage page.

We realize these are big changes to a service you rely on. We want to apologize for any inconvenience they may cause you. We made a difficult decision, but it's one that will let us sustainably operate OneDrive into the future.

Thank you for using OneDrive.

– The OneDrive Team

You have plenty of time to find another storage solution, put it on your calendar and get that done!
ALWAYS REMEMBER: before calling for help - is it plugged in, did you copy your excess files out of OneDrive, and is it turned on?