Friday, May 16, 2008

Brain Pickin'

Plugging in…

What do doctors, lawyers and computer consultants ALL have in common?? No, there aren't any jokes including the three professions! But, the general public finds their brains so fascinating that they are frequently asked by friends, family and complete strangers "can I pick your brain" for a minute, hour, week, etc. Sometimes we're even offered a meal, as in "can I pick your brain over lunch?".

As flattering as it is for someone to want to get inside our heads, it is also the area from which we make our living. Knowledge is king, so it is said. But how does one think the knowledge gets into the head? Time. Time is the delivery system associated with knowledge. And time is how we bill for our "brain dumps".

While the sharing of general knowledge is a wonderful thing, it does not pay the electric bill, nor will it provide a tank of gas for the vehicle in the driveway. So don't be offended if on any given day a doctor, lawyer or computer consultant tells you their hourly "brain pickin' fee"!

"Brain pickers, brain pickers, you'd better give in because if you don't stop our heads may cave in" for lack of any information left inside them!!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: before calling for help - is it plugged in, is it turned on?


A Tight Fit

Plugging in…

Cleaning out the attic for a summer rental, a client came upon an old computer that still worked, but needed to have personal information securely removed from the hard drive before giving it to someone for the their children to use.

First problem: couldn't find the computer's power cord. Easy solution. Take the existing power cord off the computer that is working and plug it into the older computer. Client claimed: old computer worked just fine when it when into retirement in the attic.

Panic phone call: after inserting power cord into old computer, old computer won't start up, not even a hint of electricity being accepted into the ancient veins. Client tried more than one electrical outlet before placing frustrated call to Computor Tutor.

Resurrecting old computer: Computor Tutor brings another power cord to try, just in case... but realizes the problem immediately. Based on the name of this blog, can anyone guess what happened? The computer was indeed turned on, but the power cord WAS NOT pushed securely into the computer. One little nudge was all it took and the old thing sprang to life. It's not always this simple, but the client was thrilled (and chagrined) and the attic-hidden computer was given another chance to compute another day!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: before calling for help - is it plugged in SECURELY, is it turned on?