Friday, May 29, 2015

Pass the Words

Plugging in...

Number one complaint/question/problem that the Tutor faces when working with clients is passwords. There are computer login passwords, phone and tablet passwords, wireless passwords, email passwords, and website passwords. The complaints range from there are too many, how can I remember them, I never HAD one, to I don't know them, they worked fine yesterday, I didn't change anything! No doubt the reader has encountered some challenge with one or more passwords.

Some people think they don't have any passwords, some people think they have too many, some people remember them, some people write them down, some people believe the tech support people when they call them, so they CHANGE their passwords.

The Tutor understands the frustration, especially the email password scenario, when the user receives the rather cryptic message: server cannot be found, incorrect server name, or something like that. The number one scripted response from the tech support people on the phone is: let's change the password.

Readers, be aware that this may solve the problem for the device (computer, phone, tablet, etc) currently in your hand, but you must tell the tech support people that you have multiple devices from which you fetch your email. AND you must tell them how you fetch your email, through a website like, or through Outlook, or Thunderbird. Your job is not yet done. You need to ask the tech people who just had you change your password, to assist you in changing it on ALL your devices. That too, is part of their job when their solution is "change the password".

So, pass-the-word along. It's OK to change the password (even though it is unlikely that was the cause of the problem, but it fixed it so don't fret) but think about your other electronics and don't let go of that support tech person until you have tested ALL of them!

 ALWAYS REMEMBER: before calling for help - is it plugged in, is CAPS LOCK off on the keyboard, and is it turned on?