Monday, February 9, 2009

A Day in The Life of a Tutor

Plugging in...

I know you are all just riddled with curiosity about what a typical day in the life of a Tutor entails, so hold on to your seats: here is what went down today, Monday, 9 February 2009.

Slept in until 6:20am (that is sleeping in for the Tutor).

Did the normal things one does upon waking (washed, got dressed, ate breakfast).

Read March, 2009 issue of PC World magazine (I subscribe to the PAPER edition, have for more than 15 years).

Did a load of laundry. Ho hum. Tide HE FREE, in case you're wondering.

Turned on the computer, read email, responded as required. Read Google Reader entries from TechSpot and Danvers Herald. Checked the local weather forecast. Now I know what to wear outside today. Sunny, breezy, 30s.

Researched the necessary video cards and cables required to use two monitors hooked up to one computer (for a client visit this afternoon). Looks easy enough (that's always the kiss of death).

Spoke for 30 minutes with an old friend/work colleague, recently laid off from IBM, answering questions about working as a self-employed Tutor. The slowing economy at work.

Drove 10 miles to meet with the first client of the day at 9:00am.
Work description: email and online bill paying; post office mail pickup.

Grocery shopping (Tutor's have to eat, too). Used FIVE cloth re-usable grocery bags, for the "green" of it.

Drove back to home office, unloaded groceries, dried/folded laundry. More ho hum.

Checked email, returned client phone calls; scheduled client visits for Tuesday, 2/10/09 to solve virus problem and overloaded email software (client claims to have never deleted any email in three years of constant use).

Drove 8 miles to second client of day. Appreciate the lower price of gas these days. Exported/imported Outlook contacts from one computer for transfer to another computer. Found analog splitter cable on to order for using two VGA analog monitors off a Dell desktop. Had client order. Demonstrated Garmin Nuvi features to client on client's Garmin GPS. Answered various Blackberry Curve phone "how to" questions from client. Set up Dell online backup software and performed backup. Set up Cobian local backup software to Travel Drive and performed backup. Wrote, printed backup instructions for weekly client use.

Left client's at 4:00pm.

Drove to Danvers library to return library books. The Danvers library is one of my favorite places to spend time.

Drove back to home/office, arriving at 4:45pm. Day is done... NOT.

Returned several more client phone calls. Scheduled more work for end of February.

Made soup (from scratch!) for dinner this evening. The Tutor is the chief cook and bottle washer.

Turned on TV to listen to news while cooking. A-Rod on steriods and the economic stimulus bill were headliners today. Stock market up +125. Go Dow Jones!

Ate dinner at 7:00pm. Worth the wait.

Began reading "Visual Basic 2008" book. Education is key to the Tutor's success.

Turned computer on at 8:00pm.

Checked emails and replied to several business and personal emails.

Researched "What do you know about GOOGLE" for a class the Tutor is teaching at Salem State College on Thursday, 12 February 09. (Most people know VERY little about it, but use it ALL THE TIME).

Created this blog entry.

Time to indulge in a lemon grass/ginger dark chocolate after this entry, before visiting the sandman for 6-8 hours of full-body/brain refreshment. And yes, teeth will be brushed after consuming the outrageously delicious treat.

And that's the day, whittled down to reduce potential boredom. (Maybe?)

ALWAYS REMEMBER: before calling for help - is it plugged in, is it turned on?