Monday, October 26, 2020

Plugging in... 

 Apparently during the year of COVID, the Tutor had little to offer in the way of technology levity. Until today...

As we donned our low-level technology masks,

We joined many ZOOM-rooms for online tasks.

We waited for the delivery of our delicious dinners,

And binge-watched Neflix, maybe Oscar winners.

We skipped the waiting for doctor meetings,

And got check-ups through telehealth greetings.

Kayaks, RVs and lumber have all sold out,

Rail trails have everyone safely walking about.

Our yards and homes are looking extra spiffy,

We contactless paid with Venmo or Zelle in a jiffy.

Creativity has created sidewalk outdoor dining,

DIY kits have stopped some of our indoor whining!


ALWAYS REMEMBER: before calling for help - is it plugged in, and is it turned on?